Marketing Technologies Consulting

Stuff I'm good at

Web Analytics

Creating and implementing measurement plans that help you easily see at what is driving value to your business. Master of Google Analytics and Tag Manager.

Marketing Automation

Connecting your business processes to user behavior with the aim improve customer experience and conversion rates. Hands on experience with Hubspot and Pardot.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Crafting hypothesis and test plans to continuously improve conversions rate and quality on your site.

Search Optimization

Applying advanced tactics to ensure sustainable Organic growth for relevant traffic. Focusing strongly on Content, UX and Technical aspects of Site Optimization.

Creative, Geeky. That's all me

AKA Elad Levy

Seasoned Digital Marketer with a decade of hands-on experience.

Worked with both large enterprise such as Clicksoftware and NICE Systems, as well as startups at various stages such as Nanorep and Checkmarx. In between global clients I’ve also experienced with some of Israel’s largest websites such as Reshet and Baligam.

I’ve worked with numerous Marketing Technologies (MarTech) solutions in both B2B & B2C scenarios, and can help you find and implement the right stack for you.

I believe that decisions should be based on data rather than gut, but have learned that data alone never tells the whole story.

I've worked with some great companies

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